bullet imagebullet imageWe have owned curly horses since 1995 and have been breeding versatile family horses since 1999. Our dream and mission is to train and own the best that we can, given our talents and strengths. And we pass on those to you, our customer with versatile family horses that are a pleasure in every way!  We want to make the Curly horse more assessable to everyday people.  We have both American Bashkir Curly Horses and International Curly Horses. A lot of things go into Prairie Ponderosa Curly Horses.....looks, personality, versatility, love, patience, discernment and kindness to name a few and our horses pass this on to you, their new owners times 10.

"What goes in must come out!"

The boys

Over the years, Prairie Ponderosa Curly Horses has used four (4) stellar Bashkir Curly Stallions in our breeding program. Each offering something unique to our bloodlines.


Main Breeding Stallion on premises,

 *BNC Custer's Kid. ABC P-1785(F)


*Angel's Spirit, ABC 3652


*Coyote Crow Horse, ABC 3146


*Hawks Midnite Shadow ABC 2300

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THE Girls

We chose our mares for not only their stellar temperments but also how they are put together. Looking to balance and enhance the breed. 

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For sale

We have some excellent horses for sale.  Some started some waiting for you to start. 

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